Rose City Celebrates "America Recycles Day"

America Recycles Day helps raise awareness that recycling can ease the garbage crisis.

Bob Dyksterhouse recycles, but wonders if people in Thomasville know about the recycling system it has to offer.

Bob says, "People I think would be more willing to participate if it was something that was easy to use, and quite honestly I don't know how many people know about these facilities here and that they can get in the car and take/bring their recycling."

There are some dos and don'ts to recycling. For example, you have a leftover BBQ bottle that has the recycling emblem on the bottom. It's a plastic bottle, but there's a lot of BBQ sauce left on the inside. Recycling companies say they want you to go ahead and clean this bottle out because it makes the recycling process a lot easier and more cost effective.

Solid waste director Nate Tyler says people in the Rose City recycled more than 1,000 tons each year.

Lora Slaughter recycles and says, "It saves on the amount of trash that we have. It makes me feel good; I do something to help the earth."

For more information on recycling you can visit the America Recycles Day website at