Deadly Fire Engulfs House

The raging fire that ripped through a mobile home is only smoldering now, but neighbors vividly recall the scene just hours earlier.

Stephanie Lamons, an eyewitness, says, "It's tragic. I haven't ever seen anything like that. They wouldn't have been able to save anybody because the fire, the house was burning, just blazes, the doors, windows and everything."

Neecie Lamons saw the fire on her way to work. She saw one resident jump out of a back window, but she did not see the second resident of the home, 84-year-old James Virgil.

Neecie says, "I went to screaming and hollering and I said I hope he's not in there."

Fire officials say they had no idea anyone was in the home, but minutes later after putting out the fire, a neighbor told them someone was inside.

Chris Jones, Thomas County Fire Chief, says, "At that time we were initiating our search and went in and located the victim."

Neighbors say he will be missed. He was a loving man who frequently cooked for them.

Neecie adds, "I feel sad about it, it hurts. He was like a father to me."

Now officials are trying to figure what started the blaze that took the man's life.