School Fire in Perry, FL

Fire destroyed a portable classroom in Perry, Florida overnight, and investigators say a heating unit is to blame. Luckily, no one was injured, but the room held a lot of memories for the first grade teacher who worked there.

Principal George Clayton and Assistant Principle Pam Padgett of the Perry Primary School are still in disbelief.

Pam says, "I was saddened that it happened, but I was optimistic. I knew we would develop a plan and that school would go on today. It could have been a lot worse."

George Clayton adds, "I was thankful that it happened at night, versus the day, because we would have had the students here on campus and they would have witnessed something I would rather them not had experienced."

Damage, including the structure and the contents lost inside, is estimated at around $75,000.

Carol Slaughter was up early Wednesday morning planning how and where she would move her class.

Carol says, "We didn't even have a pencil, so we needed everything, and they really pulled through for me and really helped out."

Back in 1994, Carol taught school in Albany, Georgia. That school was lost to flooding. She says this makes the second time where personal items were taken away.

Carol adds, "My picture of my husband on my desk, and I had a picture of my students that can't be replaced."

Slaughter says other teachers in the school have donated supplies and offered words of encouragement. Another portable sustained minor smoke and water damage, but was saved.