Tallahassee Troop Home From Iraq

Dozens of soldiers made the return trip from a tour of duty in Iraq. They are more than 60 men and women, military police, doing their part in the War on Terror.

Seventy-one men and women from the 160th MP Battalion in Tallahassee are back after more than 11 months.

SGT Sharon Serrant of the 160th MP Battalion says, "It wasn't as bad as we expected it to be, so God really blessed us with that. We weren't really involved in a lot of hand to hand combat, but we stayed prepared for it at all times."

SSGT Jerry Reddick adds, "It was very hot, 140 degrees. We work 12 hours a day. We had sand storms, conditions were very rough."

These soldiers provided support during Operation Iraqi Freedom, a mixture of engineers, military police and experts in logistics.

SFC Leroy Frazier says, "We started out with I think 400 detainees, and when we left I think we had 4,000, so it was like a 12-hour shift everyday. A lot of hard work went into it."

SFC Jeffrey Vernon adds, "It feels good to be home. We're just relieved to be back in Tallahassee. We just appreciate the welcome."

We're glad to report there were no casualties or wounded within the battalion. Everyone made it back safe and sound.