FSU Student Appears on Jeopardy

Fans of the game show Jeopardy have been astounded by the repeat appearance of our buddy Ken Jennings who has racked up more than $2.5 million, but Tuesday night we have another reason to watch; one of our own, an FSU student, will compete in the college tournament.

The College Tournament Edition of Jeopardy featuring FSU student Brad Selvig was shot last month, but it will air Tuesday night, so we caught up with the Seminole, new haircut and all, to pick his brain.

No doubt, Selvig is a big Jeopardy fan.

Brad says, “We'd just turn it on while we'd eat and my grandparents go sick of me shouting answers. We're taking a bite, what is Des Moines? Brad will you stop?”

Paid for by his grandpa, Brad traveled to Nashville to audition and secured a spot on Jeopardy as well as a chance to meet Alex Trebek.

“He can do whatever he wants; when the camera shuts off he goes out in the audience and take questions.”

Speaking of questions, the theatre major says answering in the form in the question is no problem.

“If you watch the show enough, but the problem is when you're doing anything else you answer in the form of a question.”

So how did our guy do? Well, that's a secret, but I can tell you this; it seems he always has the right answer! Of course, you can watch FSU Seminole Brad Selvig on Jeopardy Tuesday night right here on WCTV at 7:30 p.m.