School Safety Plan in Grady County

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Grady County schools are now ready for anything. The Georgia Emergency Management Agency, also called GEMA, has approved the Grady County Schools Safety Plan.

It’s a normal day in the Cairo High cafeteria, but this Grady County school is prepared for the unthinkable and that keeps students like Ashley Young at ease.

Ashley Young, student body president, says, "I think it makes everybody a little bit more comfortable when they come here everyday knowing that if something were to happen just because mom or dad's not here everybody feels confident they would be taken care of."

Grady County sought extra care because GEMA safety coordinators say it is not a requirement for school systems to seek their approval. Of the 41 school systems in the state of Georgia only 14 of them have been GEMA approved.

Tim Helms, Cairo High principal, says, "I think our parents and community are extremely proud that not only this school, but all of the schools in Grady County were approved by GEMA as having a safety plan in place."

The plan addresses acts of violence or terrorism, natural disasters, hazardous materials and radiological incidents.

Georgia schools are required to have their safety plans reviewed every two years.