American Education Week

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Every year a week is set aside in November to recognize everyone who has a hand in educating our children.

The reasons why third grade teacher Anita Ashworth became fascinated by the profession are enough to fill every seat in her classroom.

Anita says, "I thought how wonderful, how exciting to know you can touch the lives of children everyday."

Thirty six years later she's still helping shape their lives and across the nation teachers just like her are being recognized for their dedication during American Education Week. This year's focus is on the importance of education and Harper Elementary kids are learning that reading equals fun.

Anita adds, "Every day between 8:30 and 8:45 Stop, Drop and Read, every student in the entire school has 15 minutes of sustained reading, even the teachers, and that's rather enjoyable."

Allan Rodemoyer, principal of Harper Elementary, says, "It's important to get children to want to learn, not to have to learn and with developing activities that's exciting at school. Our kids are now wanting to learn."

Ambernique Campbell says, "When you start reading it'll help you learn more. You can sit down and write about what you learn."

Anita adds, "It touches your heart as a teacher every day, the love of the child and the joy of seeing a child learn is key.”

Ashworth says that key opens the door to showing the child that the more they learn, the more power they have to succeed.

This week local schools are also stressing the importance of parental involvement in education. There are workshops being held for parents to inform them about what's going on in the classroom.