Shock Over Murder in a Small Town

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At the Franklin County Sheriff's Office, Samuel E. Fuller remains locked up tight. Just days prior he confessed to shooting his wife in their kitchen with a 22-caliber gun.

MAJ Mike Mock of the Franklin County Sheriff's Office says, "They lived in Lanark Village, went to Alabama Street to confirm gentleman's statement."

What officers found inside was 48-year-old Danielle Fuller dead in the kitchen with gunshot wounds to the chest. She had been lying there for two days.

We have yet to learn what transpired that evening between the couple, but we do know the event was so horrific it left neighbors wondering what went wrong.

Marshall Foster, a neighbor, says, "He'd help me out a few times. She was friends with my girl."

Marshall Foster says the couple lived across the street for over a year, but it wasn't until a few weeks ago they tied the knot. He says they enjoyed fishing, partying and most importantly they enjoyed each other.

"The whole neighborhood is shocked. It's nothing you'd expect would happen with them."