Special Time for Two of Sheriff Young's Biggest Supporters

Sheriff Morris Young has secured his place in history as the first African American sheriff in Gadsden County since reconstruction.

If it were only that easy, if you don't believe that statement just ask his family what they thought when Young decided to run for sheriff.

"Four years ago when he came to me and told me he was going to run for sheriff and looked at him like, you gotta be crazy, you can't run for sheriff in Gadsden County,” explains Shirlean Cloud, Young’s mother.

And she was right, at first. Young lost the race in 2000, but decided that God wanted him to run again and four years later he was victorious. Of course even that wasn't easy.

"When we were told there would be a recount we were still feeling as if well we don't know for sure if it's actually over, but once Friday came and the recount was over it was like rejoicing all over again,” shares Young’s wife Kathy.

Young knows he's got a long road ahead of him, but one thing he doesn't have to worry about, is finding support close to home.

"We'll get a little rest and then it's just full force, Morris has a lot of work ahead of him and I support him to the highest,” Kathy adds.

"Just for a little country boy from Gretna Florida and he's my son, my dear sweet son. That's what makes this so special,” adds Cloud.