A Student City in Valdosta

Scavenger hunts are always fun, and participating in one while you’re in school is a kid's dream. City students learned quite a bit during their search and find mission.

Dentals, Doric columns and pediments are all architectural details these kids know all about, and they could even point them out on an educational scavenger hunt. Thomasville Landmarks, the organization that restores historic structures in the Rose City, helped guide the kids through the Heritage Education Program Mission.

Sara Beth Stribling, program assistant at Thomasville Landmarks, says, "We hope to endeavor in our students a feeling of love for their country and our city and to teach them about the architecture of Thomasville."

The courthouse and historic structures weren't the only attention grabbers.

Penny Hembree, School Resource Officer, says, "This morning really helped them. I think they paid attention to a lot of things they never would have seen before."

The kids found everything they were looking for. Now, Landmarks hopes they'll go back to school with knowledge and appreciation of historic Thomasville.

Harper kids will now use their education on the city to build one of their own, constructed with boxes and complete with elected officials.