Tsunami Relief in Valdosta

Last month's tsunami has claimed more than 150,000 lives, and 50,000 of those were children.

December's tsunami has come and gone, but still haunts the victims and children it left behind, but for one South Asia village, help is on the way thanks to Valdosta's "Adopt a Village" campaign.

Kay Hiers, who is donating to the tsunami relief effort, says, "It's too easy to say, well that's somewhere else and I can't do anything, but just the least little thing we can do we need to do."

That's why organizers will stop at nothing to raise $100,000 for victims here. Of course, financial donations are a big part of this rally, but organizers from the Mailbox Club say it’s really about the children and making sure they understand the world is a lot bigger than just home.

John Eager of the Valdosta Mailbox Club says, "They'll probably be bringing a lot of quarters and nickels and we'll probably be counting change for awhile, but the value is teaching and training and helping them understand missions."

It’s a goal organizers hope to accomplish through the "Adopt a Village" children's rally.

Hiers adds, "I think it's a unique way for kids to get more personally involved in something that is bigger than themselves."

The children's rally includes music, tsunami presentations and a question and answer session for the kids, all just part of a nationwide effort to help our world neighbors.

The children's rally will be held at Crossroads Baptist Church in Valdosta on January 26 at 6 p.m. Children and adults are invited to attend.