President Bush Sworn-in for Second Term

For the second time, George W. Bush recited the oath of office, but he enters his second term with a much different country, a country at war.

In his inaugural address, Mr. Bush looked ahead to four years of new goals. He spoke briefly of domestic issues, but focused on one theme: liberty, and one word: freedom, saying it 27 times.

"One day this untamed fire of freedom will reach the darkest corners of our world," said Bush.

From there was a whirlwind afternoon of celebration; a congressional lunch, a military salute and the inaugural parade.

On his way to the reviewing stand, the president left his car. To the delight of the crowds, tens of thousands lined Pennsylvania Avenue to watch the pageant.

Thousands more came to Washington for a protest parade. Carrying signs and caskets, they chanted against the Iraq war and U.S. foreign policy.

The president, known for his early evenings, will have a late one Thursday night. He'll attend 10 inaugural balls, including one for members of the military.