First Day Report

The front door of the Gadsden County Sheriff's Office now bares his name and so does his parking space. Followed by a documentary film crew from New York and Eyewitness News, Sheriff Morris Young starts his morning bearing his four gold stars.

He looks over paperwork then heads to lunch at Shanks High School. When he arrived he was treated like a rock star.

Adrianne Horton, a teacher at Shanks, says, "He was very caring. He showed that he actually wanted to be here and he cared about the students. Students of Shanks Middle remember Morris as their former school resource officer.

Rosalyn Smith, principal, adds, "He's definitely left an impact on the boys and girls in this school. We'll never forget him. He's the sheriff, but to us he's always DEP Morris."

Hundreds of students were chanting his name and giving him hugs and words of appreciation.

Carla Galvin, also a teacher, says, "This is for real. He's a people person. The kids love him and we love him and I think the people made the right decision when they voted him into office."

Young says, "I'll be seeing them out in their communities. I'll be out on the basketball court with them, so I'm not going to alienate them, I'm going to be there with them."

Morris says the students' warm reception far exceeds any promotion.