WCTV Blood Drive Helps Lessen the Need for Blood

Plain and simple: too many of the blood donor chairs remain empty in our area, forcing local hospitals to rely on a dangerously low supply, and local blood banks say the demand is almost too great.

Tina Phillips, blood drive coordinator, says, "The hospital usage, I can't emphasize enough, every day our blood supply diminishes day by day, and the more people we have participating, the more we have in supply."

That's why WCTV helped sponsor this blood drive at the Colonial Mall in Valdosta. Our very own morning show crew also stepped up, donating a few pints.

Phillips adds, "There's no better gift that you can give than the gift of life, and that's donating blood."

And as dozens of donors found out on Thursday, the process to help save a life can be fairly quick.

"It's quick, 30 to 45 minutes for a regular donor. If you're a first-time donor, it takes almost an hour, but it's very painless; a little prick like a mosquito bite and it's all over with."

Meaning another pint can be quickly processed and help replenish the local supply within 24 hours.