TCC Tutors Hope to Enlighten Students

Students from East Gadsden High School are heading in the right direction helping fellow students with the FCAT and their school work. They are part of a group called "Innovation Academy."

Student Amber Mann says, "I feel like if I can give back to the community, that will be really good and it would be positive and it will show the kids that people really do care about them and that people do want them to succeed in life."

Quentin Canty, a senior at East Gadsden High, says, "I want them to see this county is not about failure, it's about striving for success, and we as younger males, we can be successful in the future."

It’s a future that could be a little brighter thanks in part to the 19 volunteers from East Gadsden. School officials say these students will play a major role in helping other students excel academically.

Audrey Potter, district parent coordinator, says, "In a partnership effort, students will be going to help students at Stewart Street, Chattahoochee Elementary and James A. Shanks Middle School and also some will be going to Havana Elementary as well. What they will be doing is peers helping peers."

Potter says one day a week these peers will also work on FCAT training at TCC's Service Center in Quincy.