WCTV Blood Drive

WCTV teamed with Southeastern Community Blood Center to encourage all healthy people to donate blood.

Naomi Parramore is a brand new blood donor. Julie Montanaro and Elton Gumbel were there to encourage Naomi through her first donation at Lake Ella in Tallahassee. This was only one of several mobile units throughout north Florida and south Georgia Thursday.

Other locations included the Thomasville Cultural Center and the Colonial Mall in Valdosta, and for good reason.

Jeanne Dariotis of Southeastern Community Blood Center says, "Blood saves up to three lives, just one donation, and if it's not there when your family needs it, it becomes desperate."

The winter and summer months are the hardest on blood centers across the country. That's one reason why WCTV is proud to take on the challenge of encouraging eligible donors to take the 20 minutes needed to donate.

Shevon Walker, a blood donor, says, "I feel good because I have a rare blood type. I can help people who need help."

And for those of you who don't donate for fear of pain and needles, Neil brown says, "I'm feeling fine. No one should be afraid to give blood."

Shevon Walker adds, "Hey, you're helping someone save their life. There's nothing better than helping somebody."

WCTV and the Southeastern Community Blood Center couldn't agree more. WCTV and Southeastern Community Blood Center plan to make this an annual event.