Leon County Adopts New Sidewalk Ordinance

Whether you're riding your bike or out for a stroll, for years Leon County has been looking to pave the way for a more welcoming roadside.

Commissioner Bob Rackleff has been working toward a more mobile Tallahassee. He says the lack of sidewalks and bike paths sometimes cuts people off from day to day life.

"It's important to me because without sidewalks, people are left without a choice and are immobilized,” Rackleff explains.

Recently the county adopted a new ordinance that will help create more sidewalks in new developments.

The new ordinance says if a sidewalk is conducive, then a sidewalk will be put down, but there are situations where a developer can pay the "in lieu of fee."

"I think it's a good step forward. It puts us on record requiring developers to put in sidewalks and it's going to result in a much more walkable community, which is something we really need,” adds Rackleff.

The county says it's committed to not just talking the talk, but to literally walking the walk and creating a more sidewalk friendly community.

If a developer can opt for the fee, it's a cost of $4 per square-foot with the money going to the county.