Lafayette County Residents Hoping for New DMV Office

A driver’s license office will finally arrive in Lafayette County, and residents say it's about time.

John W. Johnston, a Lafayette County resident, says, "I love it because I tell you what, I don't have to go to Live Oak to do it."

Currently, Lafayette County residents have to drive to areas like Live Oak or the tax collector's and driver licenses office here in Perry to receive and renew their driver’s licenses.

Resident Virginia Fletcher says, "It was so inconvenient, so now I'm glad it's coming into Mayo, so when I have to get them renewed I can do it in my hometown."

Once the Lafayette County Commission approved the new office it discovered the county would have to pay for it.

At a recent delegation hearing, tax collector Marilyn Wimberley asked for financial assistance from the state of Florida.

Marilyn says, "I hope this request will go through. It will be beneficial to our county to not have to spend this amount of money for service that I feel like should be provided by the state."

Wimberley says equipment for the much needed office will cost up to $50,000. The Lafayette County tax collector says the driver’s license office should come to pass this summer.