Changing SATs

The SAT is evolving to reflect the current high school curriculum.

The SAT is considered by many the holy grail when it comes to predicting a student's ability to perform in college, yet this staple of education is getting a modern makeover.

Brett Richstone, a Lincoln High School junior, says, "Little nervous, but I was excited after I heard what was changing. I'm not a fan of analogies."

The SAT decides the fate of millions of high schoolers just like Brett. It's changing to better reflect what students study in school.

Teri Gimbel, a Lincoln High School guidance counselor, says, "Try to correlate more to curriculum in schools, they're giving colleges more information by having a writing component, gives colleges more feedback on it if student is ready for college."

Changes to the test include the addition of third-year college preparatory math, more critical reading and a new writing section.

Brett Richstone, "Got a book about the writing section, so practice that and refresh English skills because [I’m] lacking in that department."

Brett is among the class of 2006, the first to take the new SAT for college admissions.

The price of the SAT is going up $12 to $41.50 cents. Changes are also in store for the ACT.