Local Bands in TV Commercial

Two local bands are making their debut on a television commercial. For the first time, Flowers Bakery shot a commercial in the town where they're headquartered in Thomasville.

In a peek at a commercial hitting the airwaves, you should recognize the faces. They're band members of Thomasville and Thomas County Central High Schools. It's the latest commercial for Flowers Bakery.

Janice Anderson, VP of Marketing for Flowers Bakery, says, "The concept was actually developed by our ad agency in Atlanta, but when we realized it was going to involve bands, we knew right away we had to use our bands."

Here's where the two bands come into play: the commercial is promoting a bread that blends white and wheat bread.

Janice adds, "Because we were trying to do blending, we thought we could use dueling high school bands blending together."

It probably reminds you of the movie "Drumline.”

Janice says, "We had the choreographer from Drumline assisting us."

Long hours of practice and cold late nights went into the commercial back in December, but after seeing a copy, the students say it was all worth it.

Cierra Davis, a band member at Thomasville High, says, "The commercial was everything I expected and more. It was just, I mean, to see myself on something that I knew would be played nationally, it's exciting."

Alexander Miller adds, "Everybody got recognized; it’s nice Flowers thought to put us on TV."

Stanley Norton, the band director at Thomasville High, says, "It was a lot of hard work, and to see how they actually pieced it together, it's really cool."

You'll get to see it from your living room starting Monday. The commercial was taped at Thomas County Central's stadium. It will air here on WCTV through February, also airing during the SuperBowl.