Lawmakers Visit Valdosta Schools

One senator and representative had to be on the ball for a very important visit to Dewar Elementary School in Valdosta.

With their questions in hand and hands in the air, the 4th graders wanted some answers from these two politicians.

Dale Gillespie, a teacher, says, "They want to know everything. Their eyes are glued to you. They want to hear everything you have to say and they want to use it in their own lives."

Lives these students are taking seriously by holding their legislators accountable at such a young age.

Mary Mason Beale, a fourth grader, says, "We got to ask them a lot of questions like how they plan to spend money on education."

Not only that, but they also wanted to know how much Sen. Golden and Rep. Shaw were getting paid! Make no mistake, the paycheck hasn't stopped these kids from wanting to learn more about government.

Christian Wayne, who wants a future in politics, says, "I'm just really interested in politics and I watched the debate between George bush and John Kerry."

Sen. Tim Golden, (D) District 8, says, "I think it's very critical for us to get out and spend as much time as we can with the students, and with teachers and with parents."

And with only one more presidential election until they cast a ballot of their own, the time to ask questions is now.

Gillespie says, "We're gonna’ turn our country over to these people and we want them to know how to run it."

It’s a task these kids are more than ready for.

The legislators are set to enjoy a weekend in their home district before they head back to Atlanta to resume the current session on Monday.