South Georgia on My Mind

Another session of the Georgia General Assembly is underway, and local lawmakers say there are several pressing needs that will be addressed for south Georgia.

Sen. Tim Golden, (D) Georgia District 8, says, "First and foremost, we need business legislation that puts in place an environment that's conducive for job creation and good business, and we've also done that as a south Georgia delegation. Of course, education and health care are the two other burning issues."

For the first time in some 130 years, both the Georgia House and Senate will be controlled by Republicans. For the four Democrats who represent south Georgia, the change does not present a real problem.

Rep. Jay Shaw, (D) Georgia District 176, says, "I'm not going to go to Atlanta and be an obstructionist. If I can do something that will better this area and help the area, I'm going to do it."

Golden adds, "It doesn't break down by party lines. A lot of times it breaks down along urban and rural and we have rural needs from 'One Georgia' funds to economic funding to education and health care."

But with those major issues left to be resolved, the General Assembly is expected to heat up in the coming weeks, despite the efforts of the local delegation to do what's best for the state and our region.