"Leadership Lowndes" Students Graduate

Another 30 people have successfully completed the year-long "Leadership Lowndes" program, having learned countless lessons on how to get involved and make Lowndes County a better place.

Dana Massingill, director of Leadership Lowndes, says, "You learn the backbone of a thriving community is volunteering and it's just a program to keep the knowledge out there, and year to year new things come up and we try to keep people educated and involved."

Valdosta Mayor John Fretti says, "Many people find out what they want to do for life through Leadership Lowndes and certainly find out throughout the year of visiting and being shown the community where they can plug into serving."

Members of this year's graduating class say the experience has enriched their lives and it will help them enrich the Lowndes community for years to come.

Brian Sumner, a Leadership Lowndes graduate, says, "What I think happens is you have been learning about the volunteer groups and you're drawn into what their causes are, I think it gives everybody more a sense of community and a sense of involvement."

Kelly Call adds, "Leadership Lowndes, just like today, you get excited about the community and you just want to go out and help and do all you can for the town that you live in."

And with this latest graduation, there are more than 400 south Georgians volunteering to improve their communities.