Mentoring Program to Benefit From Federal Grant

The United States Department of Education awarded TU with the largest mentoring grant in the state of Georgia. The $700,000 grant will reach children in Thomasville.

Thomas University is using a federal grant to give fourth and fifth graders in the Rose City 100 mentors through Project Excel.

Cynthia Drayton, program coordinator and mentor, says, “I'm really excited about it. Thomasville has a tradition of mentoring and helping children to succeed at academic and personal goals."

The grant also gives funding to have a coordinator at Jerger, Scott and Harper Elementary Schools.

Melanie Chavaux, Jerger Elementary School lead teacher, says, "This just basically gels the mentoring program for us and just really gives us more opportunities to see all the important aspects mentoring can be to our students."

Liz Crockett, Executive Director of the Thomasville Community Resource Center, says, "You ask anybody who's succeeded, they'll say it's because somebody was there for them. Somebody guided them through and that's what we're looking for."

Thomas University is giving the community the mentor money it was looking for. If you want to help Project Excel by becoming a mentor, contact Thomas University at 229-226-1621.

The Department of Education requires all potential mentors be screened and complete a mentor training program.