Family Loses Home to Fire

As neighbors received word of the devastating news, they stepped forward with open arms. This is the hard luck story of a man who has faced the perils of smoke and flames before.

Raymon Allen was at work when heard that his home on Calle de Santos Road had been consumed by fire, the house he purchased with his wife five years ago before she died of cancer.

Raymon says, "When something like this happens, and I've noticed it before, everyone seems to pull together."

Allen survived a brush with fire at age 10 and is glad he and his five-year-old son were not home this time around. Meanwhile, dozens of neighbors were thankful for the same reason.

Selena Snowden, a neighbor, says, "It's hard to think it's not you. It's very sad. I can't image coming home and being in their situation. It breaks my heart."

After witnessing the damage, Selena Snowden and many of the other neighbors immediately began to offer clothing, gift cards, food and lodging.

Raymon says, "I mean, we hardly speak to the neighbors. We speak, but everyone pretty much does their own thing."

Investigators point to Allen's fireplace as the source of the blaze, estimating the total damage somewhere near $200,000.

Allen says seeing the house is painful, but the support from his neighbors has been a great source of healing. Members of the Red Cross also provided services to Allen and his son.