American Flags in Florida Schools

The measure was approved during the last legislative session. Leon County is ahead of the game when it comes to displaying the Star Spangled Banner. It sent out an SOS for flag funding and the community answered the call.

As “Old Glory” is raised to attention, Leon County's school superintendent, students and staff stand in silence. The moment marks the completion of the Florida classroom flag mandate which requires every classroom across the state to display the Star Spangled Banner.

Superintendent Bill Montford says, "Now we have enough money to put brand new flags in every classroom."

Roughly $10,000 in donations flowed in from Leon County community partners to supply each room with an American flag.

Jim Hollingsworth, Woodmen of the World District Representative, says, "Spent more than $3,000 to provide a flag for every elementary school classroom in Leon County."

Students say seeing the stars and stripes in school is important.

Bobby Johnson, a Godby High School student, says, "Reminds us to be patriotic and with all the stuff happening with war it reminds me of history and what it took to get freedom."

Public partnerships ensure the symbol of freedom will fly for generations. Leon County received more donations than needed, so the extra money will be put into a fund to make sure there is always an American flag in every Leon County classroom.

This mandate applies to all of the state's public universities and community colleges. They must have a flag in every classroom by August of 2005.