Crops in Danger

Meteorologists are predicting extremely cold temperatures in the coming days, and that could mean danger for area crops.

Temperatures are expected to be in the teens Monday, and now farmers are hoping they don't loose their entire crop to frostbite.

Larry O'Neal of Matthews' Farm in Thomas County worries that low temperatures will hurt his crops.

"If the temperature gets down to 16 and stays at 16 for a while and if there's a heavy frost in the morning, collards will yellow and we won't be able to ship them," O'Neal said.

A few yellowed leaves are the only damages left from the previous frost.

Victor Matthews, co-owner of Matthews' Farm, has worries too.

"We haven't had any major damage this year, just some setbacks, but the temperatures haven't been as cold as it is predicted to be tonight," said Matthews.

Matthews said the trees surrounding the field should provide some protection, but it may not be enough.

"It could be devastating for us. There are hundreds of acres at risk tonight."

If the greens freeze, it will take two months for them to re-grow, leaving the Matthews’ with no product to sell. They will be out of business until a new set of crops are harvested.

This is prime growing season for greens. Matthews' Farm says they usually start selling in November and continue through May.