Baked Goods Are Banned in Georgia Schools

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Cobb County schools have banned class parties altogether because of an incident and whether local schools will follow suit is unknown. The is real concern about the safety of children.

An alleged prank by two 13-year-old girls at a Cobb County, Georgia school didn't make their peers laugh. Instead, it sent them to the hospital. The kids ate a cake laced with bleach and glue.

Rebecca Peralta, a fifth grader at Jerger Elementary, says, "It's bad. You shouldn't poison people. It's not very good to do jokes that can hurt people."

Cobb County schools are now totally doing away with classroom parties. That policy is being talked about locally.

Thomasville city school officials say the incident will not be ignored.

Sabrina Boykins-Everett, Superintendent of Thomasville Schools, says, "At this point we have not made any formal consideration to change our current policy. Of course, you don't want to overreact because you would restrict almost everything you do."

Homemade foods are rarely brought into city schools. There's a policy that limits parties to only twice a year, and Cathy Cable says the kids really look forward to that.

Cathy Cable, a fifth grade teacher, says, "Right now we’re planning for our Christmas party. We hope to have music and goodies and that would be taking a special treat from them since we don't get to do it often."

The two Cobb County teens may have spoiled it for students everywhere. In addition, they've been charged with aggravated assault to commit murder. Local kids are hoping they won't have to pay for the mistake as well.

The superintendent says she hasn't spoken with School Board members about changing the policies, but the incident is certainly being taken seriously. The policy is not because of safety concerns, but because of the intention to focus more on educational activities during school hours.