Authorities Prepare for Worst Case Scenario

September 11th will forever be etched in the minds of Americans, a day when terrorists took their own lives and the lives of thousands of Americans.

Friday, more than 30 law enforcement officials and first responders were at Pat Thomas Academy learning firsthand how these terrorist groups operate.

Solomon Bradman says, "We've been working hard on getting the word out and getting awareness training on this. The FBI warned suicide bombing could be a possible threat back in May when they sent a bulletin out to18,000 agencies in this country."

A counter terrorism expert from Israel has been on a tour educating authorities on suicide bombers and their possible threat to the U.S.

Tal Hanan says, "There were some terrorist cells apprehended here in Buffalo, New York and Arlington, Texas. We can't ignore what happened on September 11th and the terrorists that were living here in Florida and learning how to fly. It's all part of the awareness they must develop in order to counter this threat.”

These men and women will now take that knowledge and bring it back to their respective agencies.

Juan Canals says, "Even though law enforcements are going to answer the call first, we are going to be there if the threat exists and I may be called to help knowing their history and how people work and how they operate may help me in the future."

It’s a future that depends not only on law enforcement, but on the public as we work together protecting this country.