Local Pharmacy Gives Thoughts on FDA Woes

Pharmacist Al Stone fills FDA approved drugs every day, and he makes sure every customer knows the risks and side effects of every drug.

"Every drug that we have back here, there's no perfect drug. They all have a long list of side effects. That's the reason they're controlled by the FDA. That's the reason a doctor has to prescribe for them because he has to determine if this drug is right for you. Every drug has side effects," says Stone.

There are drugs like Vioxx, now proven to be the cause of major cardiac problems and strokes among many Americans that have people wondering if there are more drugs that should be taken off the shelves.

Dr. David Graham, an FDA scientist, says, "I can tell you right now that there are about five drugs on the market today that I think need to be looked at quite seriously to see whether or not they belong there."

The five drugs graham is referring to are weight loss drug Meridia, cholesterol-lowering drug Crestor, painkiller Bextra, Accutane for severe acne and asthma drug Serevent.

"This doctor mentioned these five drugs and it's the first I've heard that they need to be looked at closer because we don't get that kind of literature that comes with the drug and that's where the FDA needs to be looking at these."

But the FDA says there is no reason to believe these five drugs should be reviewed. Hopefully they're right.