Tallahassee Holds Final Downtown Getdown of 2004

It's the last time this year downtown Tallahassee is converted into a street party better known as the Downtown Getdown, and it's going out with an ultimate pep rally on the night before the ultimate rivals, the Seminoles and Gators, face off.

Kenneth James, Jr. says, "The Downtown Getdown is definitely an excellent event, I love it. We come out here to support the Noles."

While there were plenty of Seminoles showing their support loud and clear, Gator fans weren't quietly standing by.

Kay Wilson and Erine Gredish from Labelle, FL say, "The people up here are so nice, we love it. We feel like we're going home with a big win this time for some reason."

There's one team going home with a big win; the United Way of the Big Bend holds the Getdown as one of its fundraisers so it can continue to improve the quality of life for people in our area.

Ken Armstrong of the United Way of the Big Bend says, "Between 30 to $35,000 is going to come into the United Way bank account because everybody comes to the Downtown Getdown."

Friday night was the seventh Downtown Getdown. There are usually only six held every year, but FAMU stepped up to sponsor a Getdown during its homecoming weekend.