Game Day Rivalry

Florida and Florida State fans have been battling each other for as long as the colleges put football teams on the field.
But you'll also find that somehow the two schools have been able to find a common ground. This is Seminole country where for the most part you find a few gators showing their colors. But if you look closely, you may find some are split right down the middle. Husband's and wives who share a name but not their school colors. And through it all they find a way to work it out. Ronald Eason, a die hard gator fan said, "This game comes down to we have season tickets to both schools and that way we always have tickets to the big game." This guy has the lone gator hat amongst his friends...he's outnumbered five to one, but that doesn't mean he's alone. "We got one lonely gator fan from Gainesville. He's just a high school buddy, not real sure what he's doing here I'm sure he feels a little out of place but we got to make him feel comfortable so he can eat, drink, do whatever he's part of the crew," shared Nic Ross, a die hard Seminole fan.
The 2 and a half hour trek from Gainesville toTallahassee began back in 1905. That's when the boys of ole Florida were coming here to visit with the female students of fsu and that's when the intercollegiate intermixing began."
And as long as there is a red brick stadium underneath a blue sky, Seminoles and gators will continue their love-hate relationship. Here's a bit of trivia for you, the first Florida versus Florida State game that started the rivalry was in's game will ring in the 40 year anniversary of the first home game in the series between Florida State University and the University of Florida in Tallahassee.