Life After Iraq

This week the soldiers from the 160th Military Police Battalion returned home. Now, those soldiers are rediscovering life after Iraq.

From the quiet streets of downtown Havana to the choral filled halls of its churches, life in Gadsden County is nothing like it was in Iraq. Just ask SGT Sharon Serrant.

"My unit was in charge of the whole camp, so my big job was to keep up with the soldiers of the camp," says Serrant.

One of the hardest things to do is get used to life outside the military.

"We were under a certain routine. There were things you had to do. You had to keep up with your weapon at all times."

Here in downtown Havana nobody really thinks about heading to the local store alone, yet that's a very real threat in Iraq.

“Their being all alone means being in danger."

"We always tried to make sure we traveled in pairs even if we're going from one building to the next building,” shared Serrant.

Now she's keeping tabs on her six-year-old and getting reacquainted with her home town.

"There are some changes in Havana. We now have a gym which is wonderful for me ‘cause I do have to stay in shape," said Serrant.

In shape for the next time she may be called by her country to report for duty. SGT Sharon Serrant began her tour of duty January 3 and is now home just in time for the holidays.