Doak Campbell Security

It was a somber Sunday for Florida State fans as the Gators left the capital city with a victory, but the loss didn't perpetuate fights like those seen in the NBA and on the gridiron.

Call it the biggest embarrassment of the NBA, call it melee madness, call it one of the ugliest scenes in basketball history. From the Pistons/Pacers riot to Saturday's “footbrawl” game between Clemson and South Carolina, the word “sportsmanship” seems to have lost its flare.

“I think it's tragic. We need to support our team even if they do lose,” said sports fan J.C. Bowman.

Losing is never easy, but when the unfortunate outcome plagues the capital city, the response is rarely violent. Even when the orange and blue Gators descended upon Doak Campbell Stadium Saturday, the energy was high but the tempers low.

Football fan Stephen Spaid added, “No fighting; nobody had anything bad to say to each other.”

In fact, FSU police say the pre-game and post game activities were respectful and lawful, which begs the question of what keeps fans in line when the biggest rivals invade Seminole turf?

“Bobby Bowden sets the standard and fans rise to the occasion, and of course we hate to lose,” said Florida State fan Phillis Pritz.

But even in defeat, Seminoles walk proudly and remain loyal. The last time the Florida Gators beat the Seminoles at home was in 1986.