Flu Vaccine Restrictions

Despite a national flu vaccine shortage several months ago, many states are lifting restrictions due to fears that many vaccines could go to waste.

Like many folks in our area, both Andrea and her one-year-old daughter Nicole weren't able to get the flu shot this year.

Andrea says, "I know that the supply was real low this year and my children weren't able to get one and they've already been sick, and I don't want them to get any sicker."

But some health officials are now fearing many vaccines won't be used because of previous restrictions, but those restrictions are now a thing of the past. The vaccines are now available to any Georgian who wants one.

While it's great news for many folks here in south Georgia, health officials say there are no injectable flu vaccines for folks in Lowndes County. There are 95 doses of the flu mist vaccine though, ready and available for anyone looking to kick the flu.

Jennifer Steedley of South Health District says, "A majority of the shots are left in Brooks and Lanier County. We have 27 doses in Brooks County and 30 doses in Lanier County."

Although minimal, local health officials say it just reassures the fact that no vaccines will be wasted here.

Steedley adds, "We are not going to get anymore. This is the last little bit that we have, but again, the one good thing is that we feel we really did reach all the high risk population."

With only two reported flu cases in Georgia, public health experts say folks are really taking preventative steps like hand washing to heart.

Health officials say the flu season usually peaks at the beginning of February. Health officials have eased the restrictions in Florida, but some still remain.