School Consolidation in Franklin County

In Franklin County, it's not rare to see first graders sharing a school with teenagers, but lumping together students from three fishing villages is a lofty goal, until now.

Rep. Will Kendrick, (D) Florida, says, "When the governor's budget came out, Franklin County was on list for 13 million for a project."

That project is to put one large school on the land where all county students can attend.

The idea to consolidate schools was born 20 years ago when Rep. Kendrick was on the board. Today, as a state leader, his wish is coming true.

Rather than sharing resources between four rural schools, the district is trying a "one size fits all" approach, hoping it will save money and boost enrollment.

Mike Clark, Assistant Superintendent, says, "I think this gives opportunity to better education, and we might win more football games."

Win or lose, the next step requires patience. The governor proposed the $26 million funding for the school. Now, it's up to the Legislature for final approval.