Who would have thought someone driving a Honda adorned with a "don't drink and drive" sticker and a police supporter license plate would be chased down by the cops and caught behind the wheel with an open bottle of beer and approximately four pounds of marijuana?

Buddy Rhoden on the drug squad in Thomas County, says, "I think it was a great bust. As I said, we took three to four pounds of marijuana off the street, and hopefully it's going to lead to wherever this marijuana came from. I hope we can follow it back and maybe even find a larger quantity."

Agents are charging 26-year-old Adrian Mitchell with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and aggravated assault on a police officer because he rammed a patrol car in his attempt to get away, but agents want to know where this dealer got his rather hefty stash.

Kevin Lee, also a member of the drug squad in Thomas County, says, "It's compressed marijuana, so it's probably coming from Texas or Mexico. People get it in larger quantities at a cheaper rate out west. They just sell it to different dealers here in the area."

With the help of Tallahassee investigators, Lee hopes they'll find the main dealer. In regards to the car, you could have guessed it doesn't belong to drug runner Mitchell.