Taylor County Commissioners Forced to Go to Plan B

The latest solution is now known to be illegal.

Taylor County commissioners thought they'd finally come up with a way to get the almost $2 million more to fund a new recreation facility.

Residents would be able to vote on a half-cent sales surtax.

"Our one-cent sales tax is currently being utilized by the hospital and hospital construction. Until that bond is retired, that one cent sales tax is no longer an option,” explains Daryll Gunter, Chairman Taylor County Commission.

The county is allowed to impose a one-cent sales surtax, but residents already voted for that to go to the new Doctor's Memorial Hospital in 1999.

Florida law prohibits an additional levy.

"We're looking at more private investments to the sports complex. We met with several different groups in the last week or two. We're looking at a joint venture with the city coming together. We've asked the school board to also participate with us,” Gunter adds.
“Find other funds, so we could pursue different areas and go forward with building the complex. I think it's something that could help our community. We could bring in tournaments and generate revenue for our community,” says Carol Wentworth, board member, Perry Soccer Association.

Gunter says the project will go forward, just at a slower pace, by building the complex in stages.

A half-cent sales tax would have generated $1.8 million for the sports complex and other recreational activities.