Tattoo Craze

Permanent makeup, believe or not, has actually been around since ancient Egyptian times, but in the past few years it's been gaining popularity, and now more women are going under the needle.

Housed in the same office as a surgeon, Cameron Jackson Burks says more and more women are considering permanent makeup. From eyebrows to lips, patients are adding a little color to their face. The procedure is similar to tattooing, but in Cameron's case, without the machine.

Cameron says, “It's like a tapping method, like etching the surface of the skin with tiny needles, creates little pockets so pigment goes down into the skin as opposed to slicing or scratching or just little taps.”

Nancy Grissom is getting a lash enhancement.

“It's like eyeliner, not as thick, but subtle darkening, but it's an affect almost like mascara.”

It’s an effect women of all ages are peeking into.

“I have tons of moms, busy moms and elderly women that can't put on makeup but still want to wear it,” says Cameron.

Cameron says the key is to keep it natural, and while the difference may seem slight, it makes a world of difference for many women who want to wake up with makeup.