Radio Upgrade for Thomas County Police

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Communication is key for law enforcement, and the Thomasville Police Department wants a communications upgrade.

Thomasville police say radio communications aren't as easy as they should be when responding to a scene. It's actually an obstacle. A perfect example is when tornadoes hit Camilla more than a year ago.

CAPT Mark Scott of the Thomasville Police Department says, "Agencies from all different counties responded, and it was a huge hurdle because nobody could talk to anybody. If you wanted to find out what was going on you had to physically drive to a command post, get face-to-face instructions and then go out and while you were there, you couldn't communicate with anyone ‘cause nobody’s radio worked."

And now they're trying to do something about it by applying for a homeland security grant through the Georgia Emergency Management Agency. The grant would finance the technology needed for Thomas County to tie into radio systems across the region.

Lynn Williams, Marketing Director for Thomasville Utilities, says, "It's important for homeland security because it makes our ability to serve our citizens region-wide. It keeps us in touch region-wide as we move around the area."

All the while it’s opening lines of communication to keep southwest Georgia more secure.

Thomasville police say they aren't sure if and when they'll receive the grant, but they seem certain GEMA will acknowledge the need and provide the funds.