A Suggestion You Can't "Refuse"

Roadside debris is an eyesore for many of the employees who work at the Leon County landfill off Apalachee Parkway.

Norm Thomas, Leon County Solid Waste Director, says, "Litter is certainly a problem on Apalachee Parkway as it is on some other roadways in the community."

Thomas says the trash comes from vehicles going to the landfill to dump garbage, but aren't properly secured.

"The law requires that loads be tarped or covered so the material won't come out as the vehicle travels down the roads."

Now, county solid waste will be working with the Sheriff's Office to crack down on people not properly securing their garbage, and consequently, dropping trash along the roads.

Chris Chase, LCSO spokesperson, says, "It's sad because it's an avoidable thing. We ask people to take that extra second to secure the load. Something as simple as a couple of trash bags can blow out and you have trash for a mile or two."

LCSO says if someone is caught losing their trash all over the roads, it's a $73.50 fine.