Project Could Help Sustain Parts of Rural Florida

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush says something needs to be done to protect the future of 30 rural counties across the Sunshine State. That's why he's come up with a $301 million plan to financially assist rural counties.

The highlight of Bush's plan calls for a revenue-sharing system, where 30 counties could earn $15 million in new funds each year.

"It's the biggest subsistence part of the plan, because the other increases for rural Florida could be taken away in the next budget year, but if you change the funding formula, that is a factor that would be harder to change," says Bush.

Folks attending the governor's "citizen hours" say this is the kind of financial help rural counties need to survive.

Marsha Scherban-Groll, a Jasper resident, says, "They've been very receptive and they're very aware of what's going on here. They understand we have some new business coming in, and they're very supportive of what Jasper needs."

Rep. Will Kendrick, (D) District 10, says, "For the people in my district, this plan would create a source of funding that would be locally controlled. They would have final say to where the money is spent. It could be used for operational cost and for the schools."