Teacher Accused of Biting Student

The superintendent of Taylor County schools is recommending that a Taylor Elementary School teacher be terminated.

Oscar Howard, Superintendent, says, "The teacher had allegedly bitten a student. We went and interviewed the principal and the teacher, at that time made a determination that we would suspend the teacher with pay until further investigating into the matter."

Fifty-eight-year-old Natalie Whalen is accused of biting one of her exceptional special education students. The report with the Sheriff's Office states that an altercation began when the teacher confiscated an unauthorized CD player from the student.

LT Martin A. Towles with the Taylor County Sheriff's Office says, "The student apparently attempted to retrieve the equipment from the teacher's desk without the permission of the teacher. The teacher tried to stop the student, and at that time it's alleged that the student bit the teacher on the arm."

LT Towles says when the teacher's aide and the school's resource officer arrived, Whalen, who uses a wheelchair, was on the floor on top of the student.

Marks on the child's back revealed the student had been bitten as well.

LT Towles adds, "The only thing the teacher admitted in her statement was that the injury must've occurred while she was trying to subdue the student. She did not admit to intentionally biting the student."

Attempts to reach Whalen for comment were unsuccessful.

Probable cause affidavits have been sent to the state's attorney's office where a decision will be made to charge the teacher and/or the student.