Homeless Coalition Loan

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The Tallahassee Coalition for the Homeless is just months away from opening the first dormitories at its HOPE Community, but the coalition says opening day could be in danger if they don't come up with some cash.

If you've driven down Pensacola Street lately, you'll see that HOPE is coming together. Hope stands for Housing Opportunity and Personal Empowerment.

It's also the name of the new facility being built to help the homeless in our area get back on their feet, but the under construction facility has hit a bump in the road to HOPE.

Kay Freeman of the Tallahassee Coalition for the Homeless says, "Right now we are expending a lot of money for our construction costs and we don't have the cash flow."

Allan Katz of the City of Tallahassee Commission adds, "We need to recognize that places like the HOPE Community and The Shelter are providing a service to this community."

The coalition is asking the City of Tallahassee to consider giving it a $300,000 interest free loan to help complete phase one before its opening in January.

Katz says, "Basically, what will happen, to get the facility finished and to not have to go into the market place and pay interest costs, the city can advance them the money and have the structure, phase one, done on schedule."

But if the city says no, Kay Freeman says, "We can call upon our community as we have so many times in the past and help us build up our cash flow."

The coalition says one way or another, HOPE will stay on track.

The first dormitories (phase one) of the HOPE Community are scheduled to open in January 2005. The coalition is asking for donations of twin bed linens and towels.