Rattlesnake Roundup

Hundreds of rattlesnakes were found in one spot Saturday and folks came out in numbers eager to get a peek.

On a normal day, a rattlesnake would make anyone run for cover, but Saturday thousands came out to get as close as they could to one of the country's deadliest snakes, the Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake, which is mostly found in southwest Georgia.

"People are gathered around the snakes’ pen getting to enjoy seeing these things and enjoy the thrill of the rattlesnake," said Dave Ulmer, Rattlesnake Roundup organizer.

Hundreds of snakes were captured and brought to the event. Folks kept a safe distance but were anxious to see what they looked like.

"People are just fascinated with snakes. People know when they come here they are safe. They can look at them and become more familiar with them," said visitor Jeremy Colson.

"We're country boys raised not to far from here and we just forget what they looked like, come to refresh our memory. I've seen a few in my day, but not that big," said Hugo and James Simmons.

Some folks took the adventure a step further and actually got their hands on the reptile. The event wrapped up Saturday and folks say they hope the next time they encounter one of these slithering reptiles, it will be at next year's event.

A nine pound snake was among some of the biggest reptiles seen Saturday. About 300 of them were captured for the event.