Corey Fuller Gambling Trial

A local NFL player charged with running a gambling ring out of his home learned his fate Saturday.

Corey Fuller, the Tallahassee native and NFL player, walked out of court Saturday after being found not guilty on all three charges against him. The Baltimore Ravens player was charged with use of a firearm in commission of a felony, maintaining a gambling house, and gambling.

Prosecutor Matthew Smith says he faced up to 15 years behind bars for the charges. Smith did not hide his discontent with the verdict.

"It's disappointing you know, anytime we go and impanel a jury, spend everybody's time to go forward with the case, it's one where we believe the evidence was there," said prosecutor Matthew Smith.

Ask Corey Fuller, and he'll tell you the case against him was personal.

"It's ridiculous how the state and these officers took these charges and ran with it from day one, but they forgot I was the victim," shared Fuller. "They never looked and went for the robbers. I really feel some of these officers have been transferred to other divisions, and for basically 10 months they've been saying what they want about Corey Fuller."

Meanwhile, Fuller is fighting to get the evidence in his case returned, evidence that includes cash and personal guns.

The verdict came down Saturday afternoon after the jury deliberated for just two hours.