School's Out for Good

Starting in January, more than 350 students and teachers from Bond Elementary will be packing their classrooms and moving to portables at Wesson Elementary, an early start to a merger that was supposed to begin with the beginning of the 2005-2006 school year.

Iris Wilson, Leon County Assistant Superintendent, says, "We are moving the entire school intact. It gives the assurance that the students will be with the same teacher, they'll be together, and that way it will ease some of the transition for the students."

The reason for the early start on construction is builders want to preserve some parts of the old school and incorporate them into the new building, but the move to Wesson has some parents concerned.

One of the main issues is whether after school programs will be affected.

“We will have buses to pick the students up at the end of the day and drop them off at the stops where they were, so that program will not be discontinued nor affected at all," says Wilson.

The Leon County superintendent's office says the early move is necessary and is in the best interest of everyone involved.

Wilson adds, "The end result is what we're looking at; a beautiful state-of-the-art school, and yes, this is an inconvenience for now, but we know when this school is built and children are in there receiving quality education, a school in the community that we all will be proud of, this will be a minor piece."