Georgia Town Listed in New Crime Statistics

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There's typically less crime in smaller cities, and that's what brought Sean Baker to south Georgia.

He moved to Coolidge from Trenton, New Jersey where he says the echo of gunshots and police sirens were frequent.

Sean says, "The way the kids were growing up, there was just too much going on. It was just too busy, violence around in the schools and the streets. Since I’ve been here I don't even think I've seen anything."

Baker lived outside a city now dubbed the most dangerous place in the U.S. That city is Camden, New Jersey. Number two on the list is Detroit, Michigan, and with populations from 100,000 to 499,000, Atlanta made number three, and with populations from 75,000 to 99,999, Macon, Georgia made number nine.

According to the 2003 Police Progress Report, crime is down in Thomasville. In fact, in 2002 and 2003 there were no homicides reported, but Thomasville does have its problem areas.

David Huckstep says, "Burglaries are probably our major area. We are dealing with residential and auto burglaries. We average about 300 to 325 burglaries a year."

Still, Baker contends there's a stark contrast here to life up north.

Baker says, "I love it here, not having to deal with cars, traffic."