Turkey Trouble: Tips for Frying That Holiday Bird

A manager of a local Home Depot says turkey fryers have been flying off the shelves. Here's a look at what could go wrong for those who don't know how to use one.

"The thing you need to watch the most is how much oil you have in the pot, and that's in relationship to the size of your turkey, so you want to make sure that when you put the turkey in the fryer, that you don't have more oil that may spill over the sides, that's generally what causes the major problems,” explains Home Depot Manager Cliff Thomas.

Employees with Banjo's Smokehouse expect to fry about 30 turkeys this week. Meanwhile, Banjo's Smokehouse Manager, Helen Arrington, issues a warning to amateur turkey fryers.

"To make sure that when you put it in the fryer, that it's dry, that you don't fry it frozen or half-frozen or half-thawed. It's got to be completely thawed out before you fry it. That way there's not danger with the oil hitting the water for the grease to go out,” advises Arrington.

Tallahassee Fire CAPT Tom Cone is frying his turkey this year, and says he'll be wearing long sleeves.

“Or wear some type of mitten or gloves so you don't burn your hands. Because I've done that, and that you want to let go of the turkey and you drop it, and when you drop a big turkey in the grease, obviously spills over,” Cone says.

Cone says frying a turkey can be fairly easy, but says fire and oil can be a dangerous combination. He also adds while it may be exciting to watch, small children should be kept at a distance when frying your turkey.

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