Workplace Crime

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Crime costs Florida businesses a staggering $27.4 billion a year. That number is from a new report from Florida Attorney Gen. Charlie Crist. Now, a new push is underway to give employers the upper hand..

Brian Desotell is chief financial officer of GTO, or Gates That Open, a company that manufactures automatic gate openers. Security is tight, but it wasn't always that way.

Brian Desotell says, "As a small organization, we started on a come and go basis based on the recognition of everyone who came through the door.”

Now, the company uses security cameras, finger print scanners and everyone is assigned a badge and special key code.

Brian says, "As we continued to grow and hire and created more jobs, that ability to have that one-on-one relationship became more difficult to do."

Florida Attorney Gen. Charlie Crist has launched a new campaign called "Safe at Work,” a statewide initiative being used to educate employers about workplace crime and prevention.

Doug Smith, President of Sonitrol, says, "The threat hasn't demised over time. The latest and most recent study has showed that over $27 billion in money is wasted every year in Florida just from corporate safety and security issues."

SGT Mark Peavy with the Tallahassee Police Department adds, "Not just in Florida, but in the nation, the workplace is just as important as your home security. People need to know that whether at home or work, their operating in a safe environment.”

The new report shows Florida employers spend more on crime costs than all combined expenses for office and commercial rentals.

For helpful tips on recognizing workplace crime and spotting potential workplace violence issues, employers can log on to the Safe at Work Campaign website.